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Create a New Survey:

To create a new survey click the green New Survey button to the right of the search bar.

You will have to select a location, and surveyor to begin. You are required to have the address of the location you would like to survey in order to search for it. Once you have entered an address a list of locations will appear, select the one you need to continue. You will then be prompted to select the Surveyor.

Once you have selected the location and surveyor you will be brought to the survey form. If you want to attach any files to the survey select the small paperclip icon in the upper right hand corner of the survey form.

The system will ask you to specify which survey field you are associating the image with:

When finished filling out your survey you can either Save your survey or Save and Submit the survey. Saving the survey will allow you to return to the survey and make changes before submitting it.

Adding and Editing Survey Forms:

Currently, test report forms must be edited and changed through SwiftComply. Please contact your SwiftComply representative to make changes to the test report form.

Submitting a Survey:

When you are finished filling out a survey you will be asked to Save, or Save and Submit. Saving a survey allows you to go back and make changes to your survey later on. Saving and Submitting your survey makes the survey final.

Once a survey has been submitted you have the option to View Survey, Download Survey, Accept Survey, Reject Survey or Sent Back Survey. Select the submitted survey from the table of surveys to either accept, reject or send back the survey.

Viewing the Survey will take you to the finished survey page.

Downloading the Survey will allow you to download the survey in any format you choose.


Accepting the survey changes the survey's status to Accepted and updates the compliance of that location's survey details.


Rejecting the survey will update the survey status to Rejected and update the compliance to the specified compliance on the survey.


Send Back Survey will mark the survey's status as “In Progress” and allow you to either continue filling out the survey or submit the survey.

Viewing a Locations Survey Details:

To view the details of a survey select the location you want to view from the table. The details of the survey will appear in a pop up window. The details of the survey status are under the Details tab.

Viewing a Survey’s Compliance Issues:

To view the compliance issues associated with a specific location’s survey select the location from the Survey table. That location's details will appear in a second window. Select the Compliance Issues tab to view the compliance issues associated with that location's survey.

Viewing the Files Attached to a Survey:

Select the location’s survey you wish to view from the table in the survey section. That location's survey details will appear in a pop up window. Select the Files tab. This will show you any and all files that were attached to any surveys created for this location.

Updating A Survey Next Due Date can be done by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner to open fields and changing the date afterward.

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