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Custom Date Filters
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Access: City Regulators

Overview: Custom date filters for custom date properties.

When creating a custom property, you have the choice to make the custom property a date. We have made it easier to search for the dates in these custom properties from your establishments tab, or any section where you have included a custom date property. This might be used to keep track of a license renewal or permit expiration.

First, navigate to 'Establishments' from your dashboard.

Click the funnel icon to open the filters. Select the Add custom filter dropdown menu and click Add Filter by Custom Property.

Choose the custom date property you have previously created from the list of properties that appears.


When you have selected your custom date property select Filter "Custom Property" by date range. Our example shows "Last Update Date" as the custom property.

Select the date range you would like to view from the dropdown menu.

Click Add, and then Apply in the filter menu.


Just a reminder that "Last Week", "Last Month" and "Last Year" refer to the last calendar week, month and year. To see 30 days prior to today, use the # of days filter option.

For definitions for how each of these date filters works, please see the knowledge center article Defining Date Range Filters.

For help with adding custom properties in Settings, head to the knowledge base article Properties.

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