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Managing Provider Contacts
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Access: City Regulators

Overview: The basics on adding, managing and searching for provider contacts.


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Adding a New Provider Contact

Select the ‘Contacts’ tab from the navigation bar and choose 'Provider contacts'. Click the green Add provider contact button.

Complete the form, which includes assigning the contact to a provider, and more than one provider can be selected. If the provider is not on the system already, the knowledge base article Managing Service Providers will help you to add a new service provider first.

The Invite to log in button must be checked to invite that contact to create a login to digitally enter pump outs, otherwise the contact will just be listed in your system with no access.

Click Save. Once successfully added, you will be taken to the contact details page.


Adding a Contact to a Provider

To add a new contact for an existing provider, click the 'Providers' tab in the main navigation bar. Select or search for the provider you want to add a contact for. Navigate down to the 'Provider Contacts' section on the left, and select Manage contacts.

Complete the form and click Save. 'Mail subscription' refers to if the contact should receive system notifications. Standard practice is to leave this as ‘Subscribed’ unless specifically requested.


If the contact is already in the system with another service provider, they can be associated with more than one provider. At the bottom of the new contact form, click the blue text ‘Or associate with existing contact’, search for the contact you would like to add, select, and click Save.


Inviting a Provider Contact

There are two ways to invite a Provider Contact to create a login.

First, when creating a provider contact there will be a check box that says Invite to log in.

By selecting this check box, an email will be sent to the email listed in the contact information inviting that contact to create a provider login. Providers have a much more boiled down view of the SwiftComply database. They are only able to add pump outs for establishments that have listed them as their service provider in their profile information.


The second way to invite a provider contact, is to navigate to that Provider Contact's details page from the 'Contacts' tab, click Actions and click Invite. An invitation to create a login will be sent to the email listed for that contact.


Editing a Provider Contact

First, navigate to the 'Contacts' tab, select 'Provider Contacts' and find the contact you wish to edit from the list. On the contact's details page, click Actions besides the contact's name and select Edit. Save your changes by clicking Save once you're finished.


Searching for a Provider Contact

Navigate to the 'Contacts' tab from your homepage and select 'Provider Contacts'. Search by contact name and hit Enter, or select them from the list. The list of contacts can be sorted by name or date update at by clicking on the column headings.


Filtering Provider Contacts

Contacts may be filtered by tags or any custom contact property. First, navigate to the 'Contacts' tab from your homepage and select 'Provider Contacts'.

Click the funnel icon to open the filter menu, where you can filter by provider, name, phone number, email address, tags, invited status, driver license number, driver license state, driver license expiration dates, date created, or any custom properties you have.


To filter by a custom property, select Add custom filter > Add filter by custom property.


Select the contact property you wish to filter by from within the modal that pops up.

There are three different filter options for custom property filters:
i) filter contacts by if the selected contact property value is known
ii) filter contacts by if the selected contact property value is unknown
iii) filter contacts that match the inputted value for the selected contact property

Select your option and click the green Add button. You will the see the filter listed at the bottom of the search form. Apply any other filters you wish and then select the blue Apply button.


Exporting Provider Contacts

Navigate to the 'Contacts' tab and select 'Provider Contacts'. Click Actions and select Export. Select the information you would like to be exported, then click Export. The file will download as a .csv file.


Removing a Contact from a Provider

Navigate to a provider's profile by clicking 'Providers' on the main navigation bar. Select the provider you're looking for, navigate to the 'Provider Contacts' section on the left, and select Manage contacts. Scroll down and click the blue ‘Or associate with existing contact’ text. Simply press the backspace or delete key to remove the now unnecessary contact, and click Save.


Deleting a Provider Contact from the System

A contact may be deleted from the system by first navigating to the 'Contacts' tab, selecting 'Provider Contacts' and finding the contact you wish to delete. On the contact's details page, click Actions besides the contact's name and select Delete. You'll be asked to confirm this action, and remember that deleting a contact is final.

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