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Dashboard Overview
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Access: City Regulators

Overview: An overview of the functionality of the SwiftComply Dashboard including dashboard customization and available Dashboard Widgets.


The Default Dashboard:

Our dashboard allows you to get a snapshot of information regarding your program all in one page.

The default dashboard is equipped with our most popular widgets. This dashboard includes reports on your program's Overall Compliance Rate, Current Month Compliance Rate, Active Backflow Assemblies count, and more!

Creating a New Dashboard

To create a custom dashboard select the green Add New Dashboard.


Any dashboards created by users are ONLY visible to the individual users who have created them.


When creating a new dashboard you will first be prompted to give your dashboard a name. Once you have named your dashboard, press Create to have your new dashboard published.


Editing Your New Dashboard

To edit your dashboard, click on the drop-down menu in the upper left, and select your dashboard. Then, in the top right corner of the dashboard screen, click the pencil symbol to edit the page.

Adding New Widgets:

To edit your dashboard, select your dashboard from the drop-down list on the top left. your dashboard screen and then click the pencil edit icon on the top right corner of your page.


Chart, Table, Text, and Webpage are the four widget categories that are currently available for you to add to your dashboard. Every widget has a unique collection of reports and display types. For information on each sort of report and which style best suits your needs, refer to our reporting guide.


Once you've added the widgets and information you desire, you MUST use the SAVE button to keep your most current dashboard modifications. Navigate to the dashboard settings menu and click the floppy disk symbol to SAVE your work.


You can also delete, rename, and refresh your dashboard from using this menu option.

Customizing your Dashboard:

Widgets can be selected and moved around the screen by clicking and dragging. Selecting the bottom right corner of the widget will allow you to resize the widget as needed.

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