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Establishment Tags
Updated over a week ago

Access: City Regulators

Overview: How to add and delete tags.


Video Overview

Adding Tags

When creating an establishment you have the option to add a tag. This is a way to classify specific groups of establishments to easily search and sort by them from the dashboard or in the Establishments tab. Tags are only visible to City Regulators. They will not show up on FSE profiles.

Navigate to the profile you want to tag and click Actions then Edit. Scroll to the 'Tags' section and input anything you wish to become a tag and press enter/return. Already existing tags will populate below to select for consistency.


Here's what the tag looks like on an establishment page:


You can then filter establishments by their tags in the Establishments list. Click the funnel icon to open the filter menu, start typing in the tag you are searching for, select the tag and hit Apply. All establishments with that tag will populate in the list below.


Deleting Tags

To delete a tag, go to the establishment you wish to delete the tag from, click Actions, Edit and scroll to the tag. Simply click the small 'x' to delete the tag and press Save when finished.

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