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  • Brent Werlein

    Hello Mildred,

    Like you our local FOG ordinance lacks anything to do with MFU because they were not a thing when our ordinance went into place.  I thought I would share some of the ideas I was thinking about to add MFU to our ordinance.


    1. All MFUs must register with the FOG Program and must list what commissary they empty at per health code.
    2. If MFU is not required to be at a commissary, location in which they empty their grey water must be approved
    3. Commissary on record MUST have a grease interceptor installed and all grey water must pass through a fixture that discharges into the grease interceptor
    4. ANY dumping anywhere else within the city's sewer system will be considered a violation of our Sewer Use Ordinance.

    Now for us we will run into some other hurdles due to our proximity to other cities.  Virginia Beach, Virginia is in a metro are similar to the Dallas/Fort Worth.  MFUs only need (to my understanding) have a business license in one city, but it is good for the whole state.  So the MFUs can travel between the cities and such.  For example a MFU may be licensed in Norfolk VA, our neighbor, and have the commissary in Virginia Beach, however I may never get notified because my Commissioner of Revenue will not have that information. This is where our regional FOG meetings are beneficial as I get to talk to other FOG program managers from the cities within the region.


    I have brought up in the past about a community interceptor possibly being installed for our city and here where some of the questions that came up that I couldn't answer and still don't have a good answer for our implementation.

    1. Where will the funding come from to install
    2. If we install and have to maintain the device, where will the funding for the maintenance come from?
    3. Will we have it based on an honor code or will it have to be manned to make sure RVs don't empty their blackwater into it.




    I do look forward to see what other locations have been able to implement and if they solved any of my leaderships questions.

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