Charging for Hydro Jetting in Cranberry Township


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  • Brent Werlein

    In Virginia Beach, VA we have what we call a Hot Spot Cleaning Program in which we clean specific segments at a specified frequency.  This is part of our maintenance budget and we do not charge anyone specifically for this if we are cleaning lines.  We do as well have in our ordinance to ability to charge people if we can show that they are causing the extra maintenance along a line.  Our Hotspot Program goes cleans our mains in both residential and commercial areas.


    Since you guys are cleaning 2 miles worth of line each it will be hard to equally distribute the added cost.  I would consider possibly charging a strength waste fee to all commercial entities that produce FOG.  This would entail not just Food Service Establishments, but also high density housing (if your state considers them commercial properties vs residential properties. Another idea is to start a Permit fee schedule for Food Service Establishments and use the funds there to support your FOG Program and Hotspot Cleaning Program.  A third other idea is to also just increase your sewer discharge rates across the board to cover your Hot Spot Cleaning Program costs.


    Side note is that any good CMOM program will have some form of a combination of the following programs: Hotspot Cleaning, Root Control, FOG, Find and Fix, other infrastructure monitoring programs.  All these programs combined will help reduce the number of SSOs and blockages.

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